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Foot SPA

With the end of a long, hard workday comes the desire to relax. It’s only natural as the average workday can be quite tiresome. This becomes especially true with jobs where you are constantly on your feet and moving around. The stress can become overwhelming on your feet and cause soreness and pain. As a result, a simple foot massage is something many people look for when they are done with their day. But, is this really the best way to ease the pain? There are multiple ways you can massage your feet with each method providing different benefits. One may think that getting your feet treated is beneficial to, well, just the feet. In reality, receiving foot treatment has all kinds of unexpected benefits as well! Let’s take a look into what kind of additional positives humans can get from a foot spa. Reduced Headaches Aside from foot pain, a hard day’s work can lead to headaches and migraines. With just about the entire body being sore, it can be difficult to try and tend to every part of you. Luckily, foot treatment serves as a two-in-one. With something called foot reflexology, you can actually relieve yourself of a migraine or headache by simply massaging your feet. Keying in on specific acupressure points will improve blood circulation and stimulate the neurological part of your body. What’s even better is that therapists can actually relieve specific pain in your head via a corresponding part of your foot or feet. This holistic practice has been around for centuries and is a great way to relieve two parts of the body at once. Increase Sexual Drive A long day that leaves you exhausted and in pain will certainly kill any interest you have in engaging in sexual activity with your partner. This can lead to arguments and hinder a relationship. So, if your partner is just too tired to have some fun, offer up a foot spa! The activity is naturally flirtatious and it can allow both of you to vent to one another while the treatment is happening. Your partner will appreciate the effort you are making and, after feeling more relieved, might be more inclined to engage in some “fun” physicality. Reduced Depression and Anxiety Tying in with the last point a bit, a quality foot spa can help release some of the bottled up negative emotions that people carry throughout the day. Much of the stress that we have is encased in the neurological portion of our body, which we now know is relieved by tending to pressure points on the feet. That being said, a foot spa will help relieve some of those negative thoughts and emotions that can lead to depression and anxiety. Improved Circulation We touched on this a bit already, but a foot spa will also increase overall blood circulation. When we’re tense, our blood tightens up to which is what leads to the body pain we experience. As mentioned, foot spas will release that tension throughout ourselves and lead us to a much more relaxing state. While obviously, this is a great short-term solution, your body will thank you long-term as well for the increased blood flow. Assist With PMS Symptoms Women go through a flurry of emotions when dealing with PMS or menopause. If you have a wife or girlfriend who deals with this, they’ve probably asked you for a massage of some sort in the past. Well, you should lend a hand! A lot of pain comes with those emotions, so a high-quality foot spa will do wonders for that person. Regular, even daily massages and/or spas will lead to much-needed relief. Insomnia One of the more annoying things to deal with in life is insomnia. Whether it’s caused by stress, anxiety or anything else, losing sleep is never ideal. With a good foot spa, the body will become more relaxed and at ease. If you find yourself tossing and turning for a couple of nights in a row, trying treating your feet before you head off to bed. You’ll find yourself in a much more relaxed state and able to fall asleep easier. Arthritis Dealing with arthritis can become a nuisance in daily life. Your joints and muscles are sore and always ache, and sometimes it can be difficult to even find the energy to try and fix it. Fortunately, foot spas are one answer to this problem. A foot spa will decrease joint inflammation and relax the muscles all throughout your body, not just the feet. As a result, this can be used to treat arthritis pain anywhere you have it. Dealing With Flat Feet Having flat feet can lead to severe pain even after the smallest form of physical activity or movement. Being on your feet all day while dealing with this condition can become almost unbearable after a while. So, treating yourself to a foot spa can help reduce that pain. Furthermore, even just a daily foot massage will help alleviate the stress your feet are carrying and will reduce the likelihood of plantar fasciitis. Prevent Long-Term Injuries Many of these benefits provide short-term solutions to certain issues, but what about something more long-term? Foot spas are certainly useful with that as well. The more you care for and treat your feet, the healthier and stronger they will be. With improved muscle and joint strength comes the decreased likelihood that you suffer from long-term feet or ankle injuries. It’s of course still possible that you roll an ankle or something like that, but chronic issues that come with aging can become less likely. Minimize Edema Any woman that has been pregnant or is toward the end of their current pregnancy can tell you about edema. This is swelling in the feet or ankles that is caused by fluid retention. Pregnancy is certainly a challenge all on its own, so additional pain is typically not appreciated. An easy solution is to treat your feet with a spa or massage. This will help out both physically and mentally as the swelling reduces and the stress from said pain starts to disappear.

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